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Professional Development

As a system of communication, language is ever-evolving, as are the methods and formats of publication.

I am keenly interested in learning new skills and ideas and frequently take advantage of opportunities to update my skillset and engage with my peers.

I have a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Arts (Publishing & Editing). I have been a Professional Member of the Institute of Professional Editors (formerly Editors Victoria) since November 2015. 

Here are some the latest courses and events I've attended:


  • Hands on Thesis Editing (EdVic/IPEd)

  • Apollo Bay Word Fest 2019 – Warm Winter Words, 28 July

  • IPEd Conference, Beyond the Page, 8–10 May, Melbourne, Australia

  • Workshop – Legal Issues for Professional Editors (EdVic/IPEd)

  • Editing Narrative Non-fiction (EdVic/IPEd)



  • Fiction Genre Editing (EdVic/IPEd)

  • The Power of the Pen – Writing Workshop, 6 weeks (Sue Gillet, Lavers Hill)



  • Grammar for Editors – Intermediate (EdVic/IPEd)

  • Grammar for Editors – Advanced (EdVic/IPEd)



  • Introductory Grammar for Editors (EdVic/IPEd)

  • Punctuation for Editors (EdVic/IPEd)

  • From Word to InDesign (EdVic/IPEd)

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